Uniforms and Patches

If you’re going to wear a gi, or uniform, you should know a little bit about what you can wear, and at what rank:

-We encourage every student to have a Villari T-shirt.
– Any student may wear a white gi at any time, though students who hold a white, yellow belt must only wear a white gi.
– You may wear a black gi once you reach a orange belt.
– You may not mix black and white until either 2nd Dan (2nd Degree Black Belt), or you become the Chief Instructor of your own school.
– You may wear red pants at 4th Dan.
– You may wear a red top at 5th Dan (considered as Master-level rank)

Patches & School Colors
Our School patch should be worn on the left-chest side of your uniform, and the US Flag should be worn on your right shoulder.
Our School patch has three primary colors: Black, Red, and Gold. Each color represents conceptual learning: black represents darkness, void of knowledge, or beginning; red represents effort and work, as well as mastery; gold represents enlightenment. And so, the colors of our patch show that we start, from the outside in the darkness, and progress with a supreme effort to achieve mastery, and ultimately, enlightenment.