We Know All Kids are Great but We Help them to be Even Better!  Did you know the younger a child starts in karate classes, the stronger they will become in all areas of their development?  We do! That’s why we invite all kids from ages 4 and up to enroll in our acclaimed karate classes.

Master Freddie LaPan and his skilled team of instructors have not only mastered their Martial arts skills, but they have also mastered the ability to motivate and inspire children to become the very best version of themselves.   By utilizing positive reinforcement techniques, students build up their self-esteem and self-confidence so they can resist unhealthy peer pressure and have a positive self-image about who they are as individuals.

Notably, our classes focus on 3 core rules:

  1. Respect for Others – Treating other people the way you want to be treated.
  2. Self Control – Controlling your behavior to fit the situation you are in.
  3. Self Discipline – Doing the things you know you should do without being told.

Children of all ages will learn to develop the ability to control their bodies and behavior, become responsible and pick up after themselves, as well as be polite and well mannered towards adults and their peers alike.